Creation of the Week #32 Totus Tuus Oklahoma Rebrand - Y&YA Office of Tulsa

I have to confess that this project is one that I had a hand in. Anthony Kaiser, the head hancho over there in the Y&YA office of Tulsa asked our agency (Sherwood Fellows) to help rebrand Totus Tuus Oklahoma in a hurry. As soon as I got off the phone, I hit up Daniella Madriz because she's amazing and we went for it. The end product was not only a killer look, but a much more profound understanding of what makes Totus Tuus special. Take a look through this brand guide that Daniella created to show the client how to use the brand. 

The goal of this rebranding was to attract more prospective teachers and give them the sense that Totus Tuus is a legitimate way to spend a summer in building the kingdom. The twelve stars are the stars of Mary pointing at the crown of Christ. The brand relies heavily on blues and golds to tie in the Marian theme subtly. Daniella kills it all the time, but this was such a slam dunk I had to put it out there.

Hat's off to Anthony Kaiser over there for leading the charge in getting Totus Tuus rebranded. I hope that more Dioceses follow your lead so that the program grows. Next, hopefully someone will make a website for Totus Tuus that I'm not embarrased to link to.