We Believe

We believe that the greatest force of evangelization and social change in our world is beauty.

We believe that Catholicism is the most beautiful framework for understanding and expressing the human experience. We do not have to be working for the Church to express that narrative powerfully, we just need to pursue our craft with excellence. Anything less compromises our passion, erodes our credibility, and dulls the vibrancy of our Catholic vision.  We are a community, a movement, and a work-in-progress. Get involved, contact us, and shape what we can become together.

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Community pillars


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Our Mission

Catholic Creatives is movement of Catholic designers, filmmakers, photographers, creative thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs, and others working to bring the gospel to the world in fresh, beautiful ways.

Our community provides members the space for feedback, collaboration, and resources.

The Church was once at the forefront of beauty, art and design — our mission is to do our part to bring that back! We have God-given gifts that, in a self-centered world, we can use in selfless ways for His glory. Our Catholic Creatives vision includes "creative challenge" meetups throughout the country, a resource-packed website and online community, and an annual summit where members can connect in person.



What We're Doing

Catholic Creatives is committed to sponsoring initiatives that champion the true, good, and beautiful. We connect investors with the best talent to create partnerships and ideas that change the world.

Who We Are

Catholic Creatives is a movement that’s powered by a whole tribe of Catholics passionate about seeing a New Renaissance in the Church. The people below help facilitate the massive collaboration that makes this movement work.