What is a Meetup?

Call together some creatives over food, drink, and conversation, and you’ve got yourself a Meetup!

Whether you want to connect with creatives in your area or meet a local CC community while you travel, Meetups are the perfect casual hangout. Or you can take Meetups to the next level by putting on a programmed event - make it your own!

CC Meetups put community first. They’re hosted at public spaces with an open invite. They may include an activity, but the primary purpose is connection and conversation.



We’ve set up a few basic requirements to help your Meetup be a successful and authentic Catholic Creatives event.


Who should we invite?

Meetups should gather 15-40 people who you can’t wait to hang out with from all kinds of creative fields in your area. We will help promote your event if you’d like to extend a wider invite!


What are the requirements for a Meetup?

There are two types of CC Meetups:

  • Casual Meetup

  • Larger Meetup w/ Programming

For a casual event, it’s pretty straightforward! Use the CC Brand, invite your friends, and voila!

For a larger event, or an event with planned programming, we recommend finding a co-leader; we also recommend prior attendance at a CC Event (a Regional, Summit, Dinner, etc.). You’ll need to use CC Brand Guidelines and use specific language in your materials. All of this is spelled out in the CC Meetups Guide.


Where should we meet?

Choose a public location that feels like the natural habitat of the creative. Think coffee shop, bar, coworking space. It should be a place where everyone can purchase their own food and drinks. Make sure there’s some space for people to mingle freely!


What will we do at a Meetup?

If you’re wanting to host a more casual hangout Meetup, very little structure is needed. Prioritize conversation time by asking good questions and making introductions. Other than that, just enjoy one another’s presence!

You can take a Meetup to the next level by developing a program for the event. Host a Spark Session or Design Challenge so that your guests come away feeling fueled as creatives. Program ideas are detailed in the CC Meetups Guide.