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What is a Regional?

Regionals are half-day conference events that bring 30-80 creatives together around a particular idea or design challenge. They facilitate deeper conversations that produce the most powerful connections of all of the CC events and are the closest taste we can give to the CC Summit experience. They are organized through a partnership between CC Staff, local leaders, and sponsors.

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What You Need to Know


Who can host?

The CC National will devote staff power and our own infrastructure to creating the event provided a local leader is able to help CC find a sponsor to cover $3000 worth of costs (either through donation or through the provision of space/food). We will partner with any local leader who has gone to CC Meetup, Regional, or Summit who is able to find a local organizational sponsor.


How do I get a sponsor?

We’ve listed the benefits of sponsoring and the application form on our sponsorship page. Check it out and let CC staff know if you have any questions.


Where should we gather?

Somewhere beautiful and open where you can control the environment. Think about a space large enough to accommodate the number of attendees where they can comfortably network and converse.


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What’s the $3000 for?

This will cover food, location rental costs, material costs, and travel costs for a CC support staff.


Who should we invite?

Our team will help with invitations. These should gather individuals from all kinds of fields in your area. Don’t forget that great conversation comes from the intersection of diverse experiences and backgrounds. Designers, youth ministers, stay at home parents, clergy, and acrobats can all contribute, given that they all are passionate about the intersection between their faith and the development of the world.


Do we charge attendees?

$40/per person is our base price for tickets for a CC Regional for attendees. We are open to discussing changes pending additional sponsorship.


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