Catholic Creatives Why:


We set creatives free so that they can unleash a New Renaissance into the world.


Let’s grow this community. Off-line.

Picture this: your city, bursting at the seams with vibrant Catholic creatives. New projects and startups springing up, drawing in talented minds of every craft. Dynamic partnerships that sharpen you personally and professionally. Creatives living, working, and growing in the same space. A New Renaissance of world-shifting work.

We believe this is possible. We believe it starts with you — in your home, your workplace, your city, your community. Let’s get local.


Make sure you’re informed about any CC Events in your area!


Belonging, coming to a city near you.

If you’re here, you already know the power of yearly(ish) gatherings and online community. You also know the limits. We’ve launched CC Community Events to partner with you in filling the off-line and in-between gaps. You are creatives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders with a passion for launching in-person experiences of the CC community you know and love.


Choose your own adventure. We’ve got your back.

Wherever and whenever Catholic Creatives can gather, the community is present — no official titles or structures required. We are empowering this growth with guides that provide best practices, discussion topics, and dynamic support for a variety of events.


CC Dinners

Up Close and Personal

An intimate dinner with 6-10 creatives that will build friendships and spark ideas.


CC Meetups

Connecting the City, IRL

A collection of 15-40 local creatives from a range of disciplines to connect and collaborate


CC Regionals

Your Own Mini-Summit

A gathering of 30-80 creatives to work through an idea or design challenge, in collaboration with local hosts, sponsors, and national CC staff.


Support the New Renaissance


By sponsoring a meetup or regional, local organizations, businesses, and churches can connect with professionals and invest in the Church’s legacy of creativity.


Thinking Bigger?




Are you looking to start an ongoing community?

CC Circles are communities of creatives that come together over a shared idea, a craft, or a particular mission.