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The New Catholic Creative Revolution

Many Catholics have been waiting for a renaissance of art in the Church. This Caffeinated Conversation may give some clues as to how it can be achieved.

Anthony D’Ambrosio of Catholic Creatives joins Ascension Presents producer Maria Mitchell to discuss how Catholic Creatives has formed a community of “co-creators”. They are striving to give millennial artists a place in the Church and make the Church a leader in the arts once again.

In this video, they also discuss a film Catholic Creatives is working on called 8Beats, and how young Catholics can find and build community.


Catholic Creatives: Hackathon for Vocations

In October 2018, Inscape and the Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship at Catholic University teamed up with Catholic Creatives, one of the most exciting lay movements in the Church, to hold a “hackathon”, a design challenge for Catholic creative professionals to investigate what was currently broken about the way Catholic culture thinks and talks about vocation .


Can the Beatitudes inspire great cinema? These filmmakers think so.

Cinematic reflections on the Eight Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount will be the focus of a movie project that hopes to tap the power of beauty.