Creation of the Week #1: "Beginning Of Holiness" - Cory Heimann

Hats off to Cory Heimann and the rest of the team over at Likeable Art. They have a beautiful way of making the faith accessible to a modern audience. This craft is impressive for a few important reasons.

In Catholic art these days, we tend to tell, not show. We like aggressive bumper stickers, political slogans, and ghettoized language that no one understands outside of other fire breathing Papists. The Catholic artist does well to remember that beauty invites, it does not force. What makes this piece so compelling is that it does just that, it invites. It’s subtle, restrained, open, and inspiring. From the very beginning, the title assumes the viewer’s human frailty “To Those Struggling With Prayer.” Notice it’s not titled: “On Prayer,” or “Why Payer is Important.” It is not preachy, but vulnerable. This piece is accessible to anyone. Consider the use of non-religious symbolic imagery: The can overflowing with water, the one can leading to another as a voice carrying toy, these images immediately remind us of childhood. Restraint is very difficult to master, but the Likeable Art team nailed it.

Three Features that Stand Out:


Titles & Type

The titles express a well designed modern expression. The wide tracking, cleanly kearned sans serif set above beautiful serif italics sets a tone both delicate and powerful. The use of hand lettering and drawing over the film holds interest and directs the viewer to the most important words, phrases, and expressions from the narration.

The Music

The music fits right in with modern cinematic storytelling. The ambiance complements Mother Theresa’s voiceover without drawing attention from her words. Both are incredibly simple but draw the viewer into the profound.


Everything about this piece expresses balance, peace, and space. The shots move slowly and pan accordingly. There is nothing jarring, nothing that breaks the flow of Mother Theresa’s narration. This perfectly complements the subject matter, incarnating it, making it an experience, not just a message.

 In all, great work, Cory keep making us cry.

See more of their work here: