Creation of the Week #9 The Augustine Institute's Parish Catalog

This week the Augustine Institute makes yet again another foray into our Creation of the Week. Its always a special pleasure to see one of the big Catholic organizations really invest in media. While so many groups in the Catholic space are acting like everyone is still fine with papyrus and gratuitous amounts of dropshadow, it's fantastic to see the Augustine institute leading out so intentionally.

The Catalog  isn't super flashy. It is, after all a catalog. Good design, however, doesn't need to be flashy. It needs to display the contents effectively and with grace. This catalog does that so much that I was willing to read through almost all 47 pages. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever read through even a single page of a catalog. Good job Augustine Institute.

There is a clear color palate and typography system. The stock photos chosen show attractive people under the age of 80 smiling and engaged. The type is all readable, the layouts are clean and organized, and the copy was clearly well edited and minimized. The whole work speaks of restraint, but not so loudly that you notice it.  That is the thing about good design-often times you don't even notice it. It's not flashy, it's not provocative, it just flows easily. It's effortless and easy, like a casual conversation with your best friend.

Good job Augustine Institute. Keep valuing good art and we will keep loving you for it.