Creation of the Week #10 Ivory Williams "Mr. Money"

This week's Creation of the Week goes to Ivory Williams for her InCrowd song "Mr. Money.

This song is masterfully written and perfectly executed to capture the 60's sound. The band & production team InCrowd works with live tracks their songs on retro equipment. Every song they've done is incredibly true to form, and "Mr. Money" is no different. If, after listening, you looked down and found yourself doing the lindy hop with your chair as a partner, you wouldn't be the only one.

Ok. Maybe Kate Hazen was the only one.

Ok. Maybe Kate Hazen was the only one.

With the emergence of the time piece trend in popular culture, (Gatsby, Stranger Things, The Nice Guys,) this kind of project is in place to catch the culture wave. This is exactly the type of work that I love seeing from the group. Ivory is a girl who is unbelievably talented and is using that to engage the culture as opposed to working inside the "Christian Music" bubble. Because of this, she gets to speak a powerful counter to American materialism that could only hit this hard as a 60's cover. As she sings: "One pound of gold won't fit in your coffin." 

Ivory, keep up the good work. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

Full Credits (But seriously, Wow. Look at this team:)
"Mr Money" by Ivory Williams

(A Michael and Swilley Production)
InCrowd Songs (BMI)
(C) 2016

Jordan Manley - Drums
Austin Bolen - Upright Bass
Sean Thompson - Guitar
Philip Adair - Piano
William Hollifield - Tenor Sax
Robert Harrington - Trumpet
Danny Wytanis - Trombone