Creation of the Week #12 - "Venerable Fulton Sheen" Cassie Pease

Cassie Pease is an incredible designer. She really knows how to bring a Catholic saint alive with her desktop wallpapers, and this week I really was struck by this image of Venerable Fulton Sheen. 

Cassie has beautifully distinct style. She is obviously informed by pop culture, but departs from it in some very potent ways. She essues minimalism, with the grungy textured background, she uses drop shadow and glow effects on her text which most designers have long since written off, and favors vibrant colors rather than desaturated tones. I don't know whether Cassie is breaking the rules on purpose or if she simply developed her distinctiveness in a more organic way, but it is beautiful. 

She also does an amazing job choosing the right photos and editing them to fit her vision. I did a quick google search on images of Fulton Sheen and found the photo she used. It was the only half descent pic of him I could find, and it was only 480px wide.

With her Walpapers, Cassie often has to work with bad photos or old paintings/statues.  She is masterful at using these less than ideal building blocks and helping us to see these saints in an altogether different light. I'm looking forward to downloading the next wallpaper, Cassie!

Find more of her work here: