Creation of the Week #25 Tommy & Joey Marshall's

I know a lot of you are super disciplined and never ever need any help keeping your new years resolutions. I know some of you don't make new years resolutions because you're too cool for that life. 

For all the rest of us that really need some help, accountability is a proven method of making lifestyle changes. Enter: is a website that lets you create FREE accountability groups that help you do things together. Want to go to the gymn more consistently with your friends? Want to go to daily mass together some time? Want to set apart time to pray the office, write poetry, paint a passion project together? SameTime is here to help. All you do is go to the home page, create a group, set the time you want to get reminders, and everyone in the group gets a text reminder beforehand.

I created a group called "Wake the Hell Up," because I have a nasty habit of working really late at night and sleeping in. Tommy, you are going to single-handedly change my life, brother.

If you have not had the pleasure to meet Tommy Marshall yet, he is a world class developer who works on crazy things like Espn's Anatomy of a Pitch and the award winning game SayViget. Though it would break my mind trying to figure out how to make this site, is the kind of thing Tommy does on Christmas  in between eating Turkey and watching Die Hard because why not?

Tommy and his brother Joe who is also equally as incredible will be leading workshops at the CC Summit in March. As of 1/9, we have 20 tickets left, so if you are planning on coming, get your tickets asap! Follow the broes on twitter here: Tommy & Joey Marshall