Creation of the Week #36 Patrick Thomas' Easter Vigil

Patrick Thomas' photos of the Easter Vigil at his parish are stunning. To say they got their monies worth hiring to take shots of their Vigil liturgy would be an understatement. You can be a master of the trade with all of the best equipment, but without a worthy subject matter, these skills mean little. Patrick Thomas did an amazing job capturing the event, but what subject matter he had to work with! The vision that these shots portray of the Church shows a universal Church that is alive, vibrant, and solemn. I get the sense that I'm watching a clandestine celebration of the early Church, where the people came from every race and nation to a secret and solemn ritual. It's beautiful and intriguing. Great work, Thomas. 


This Creation of the Week is by Marcellino D'Ambrosio of Sherwood Fellows


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