Creation of the Week #38 Jesse Weiler's Massive Reach

How many of you guys have gotten 1 million impressions with a $20 boost?

Running social posting on facebook is one of the most effective ways to communicate with an audience, but none of us are doing it like Jessie Weiler, who recently did exactly that with the simple meme he designed for Liturgy Memes.  I get excited when someone shares one of my posts 100 times. This post he did has a wopping 7,670 shares as of 11pm, May 22nd.

Sometimes those of us who design cool images and shoot awesome videos don't give enough credit as a group to those of you out there who do the work of actually getting those things in front of people. It's a tough gig and it's one that takes a lot of learning. If you want to know how it's done, hit up Jessie on the slack or on facebook. Jessie runs the social pages for the Liturgical Institute, and he has some of the biggest numbers in the game for a grassroots Catholic Organization. If you want to know one of Jessies secrets for massively growing your reach, check out the blogpost he wrote "How to Get More Likes on Facebook"  here.

So here's to you guys out there who are determined to get your facebook adds down to below a $1 a click rate. Here's to you who spend hours creatively defining audiences. Here's to you scientists of the online continent. Here's to you, Jessie Weiler.


Written By Marcellino D'Ambrosio
Creative Director @ Sherwood Fellows
{Photo Cred - Jonathan Weiss, One Secret Mission}