Creation of the Week #39 Imagine Sisters by Dan & Christina Rogers

And as we ask God – “What is it that you have created me for?” – we pause for a moment and listen for the whisper: “Can you imagine?
— Imagine Sisters

Imagine Sisters was one of the first Catholic media movements I ever saw that truly impressed me. I remember seeing it for the first time and being so amazed at the simplicity of the idea and its impact. Instead of arguing people into an appreciation of the religious vocation, they just showed it. They shared photos of sisters in authentic, beautiful, and joyful moments, and that was enough. It had a huge impact on religious vocations in the US, and now it's back.

Thanks to Dan & Christina Rogers of Avenue Creative, Imagine Sisters 2.0 is here, and it's amazing for all of the same reason it always was-  it's showing, not telling. 

Every photo on this site displays beautiful young women in love with their vocation and their commitment to Christ. It feels alive and joyful, it beacons but never begs for attention. The website is well thought out, never being pushy, but always giving the visitor calls to action that leads deeper into an encounter with the feminine religious vocation. 

The amount of work that it must have taken to relaunch this apostolate in these new, beautiful garments must have been astounding. Especially the full-length documentary "the Light of Love," which is just as intentional and professionally created as everything else Dan & Christina do.  


Just to show the reach that this movement already has, look at the numbers they are boasting.

This goes to show the impact that professional media can have when it is used to reveal God's love to the world in the faces and story's of his children, but I have a feeling that Imagine Sisters is just getting started. 

This Creation of the Week is brought to you by Marcellino D'Ambrosio of Sherwood Fellows.