Creation of the Week #40 Madi Myers-Cook's Portraits of Rwanda

Some of the best art created by humanity was made to show the nobility of a people often seen as sub-par or helpless. Madi's recent project, Portraits of Rwanda, is one such as this. 

When we think of Africa, the images that often come to mind are images of helpless children covered in flies, or of women, bare breasted with a hopeless stare. We think of the ads we've seen from countless NGOs and non-profits asking us for resources to solve hunger once and for all. 

Though none of these organizations intend to give us the impression that all Africans are helpless and in need of the salvation we wealthy and wise Westerners bring, that can be the unintended result. This, my friends, is a terrible brand issue that needs to be resolved. Part of returning dignity to the poor is returning their dignity. This means believing in them to accomplish great things the way our God always has.


Madi went to Rwanda to tell the stories of women rising above poverty and their past to be entrepreneurs and chase their own dreams. She did this not by bringing financial relief, but by giving the gift that she did have, the same gift Peter gave to the cripple at the temple - the Holy Spirit working through her.

In her portraits, you can see the nobility of each person shot, the passion, the joy, the strength, the life present in each face. It takes a special gift to bring out the true heart of a person and capture it in a moment. Madi has that gift in abundance. I'm super excited to see more from her, and I especially hope that she writes about the project so that we can see more.

Be sure to check out Madi's Instagram account for more photos and details about each shot.


This Creation of the Week is by Marcellino D'Ambrosio
Creative Director at Sherwood Fellows