New Renaissance Digital Festival

If we haven't had the pleasure of meeting IRL or online, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Cat from Kansas and have been part of the Catholic Creatives community online since almost the beginning. I've gotten to be at two Dallas meetups and both of the Summits, and I am loving getting to bring forth this growing community.  

Yesterday I walked outside my door in the morning and was caught between a giggle and a cry. After months of frigidly cold weather, it was WARM. Warm enough to stand on my front porch and drink my coffee. Mentally I'd giving up hope on ever seeing spring arrive. I knew it would come, but the day in, day out experience of static electricity, bulky cumbersome layers, and painful extremities made some days seem like endless waiting. 

I know that there will be other cold days before warm weather is completely settled in, but it's those little moments that remind me that something greater is coming, if I just hold on a biiiiiiiiiit longer. 

It can feel that way with so many things in life. We just need some sparks of joy to get us through the cold and monotonous. 

Even the Catholic Creative community needs that. 

That's why I'm super excited to announce:

This year we are launching the

New Renaissance Digital Festival!

The festival will be an online gathering held March 25-29, on the anniversary of our very first Summit.

Our goal is to reinvigorate the wider community and relaunch who we are for those who have been with us from the beginning but have become disconnected, and those who have just recently joined who aren’t totally keyed in to all the opportunities available to them. There is a palpable energy that has been born from CC thus far, but we have to keep asking, “What could be?”

So we’re going to remind the collective where we’ve come from, show off what we’re doing, and point ahead to where we’re going. That direction comes from everyone. We’ll ask both, “How has the community changed your life?” and also “What is YOUR dream for the community?”

The Festival activities will include:

  • A rebrand/relaunch of meetups and announcing some dates

  • An online makers market

  • Live Podcast

  • State of Communion

  • Raffle for prize packages from a choice selection of some of our favorite creations

  • And more, of course!

But you don't have to wait to start the festivities!

If you are a part of the Facebook group or CC Slack, March 15-22 we will be posting a poll to vote for a LIVE podcast airing! We pulled the numbers from our most download episodes and asked if those guests would want to jump on live for you all. 

Voting will only last a week, though, so jump on your platform of choice and get your vote in!

And, to not leave you with too much of a tease, the next Summit date will be announced at the end of the Festival week. We’ve got a lot to look forward to!

See you in the festivities!

Catherine Seiwert
Mischief Manager

Title photo by Patrick Thomas