Creation of the Week #23 Josef Lang the "Stowaway"

You know what's one design challenge that I would never want to take? Reinvent the chair. That is a design challenge for someone special, and that someone is Josef Lang, which I might add, is the perfect name for a person who makes things like this:

That, my friends, is the chair reinvented. Joseph is an engineer, designer, carpenter, and maker in all senses of the word. Just check out this guy's workspace:

After commandeering his local apple store and turning it into his personal workshop, Josef decided to make this folding chair that literally folds into a square. It's as beautiful as it is practical. I've never seen anything like it. According to his website, "Stowaway is a collapsible felt and wood stool that zips into place for easy assembly." So not only did he redesign the chair, he finally gave felt a real purpose. There has been no comment as of yet on whether or not he would be making his next prototype out of the felt banners from my home parish, but we're all crossing our fingers. 

Another thing I love about Josef is how committed he is to beautiful presentation. This is a lesson every artist that's ever seen one of their paintings encased in a faux metal frame: Presentation can make or break your art. From his website to his Mockups, Josef's presentation is spectacular.

Sadly, the product is still in development, but as soon as it is available for purchase, we will let you know. Josef, it is an honor to have you in the community. The only question we have for you, Josef, is:  did you decide to take up making because your name is Joseph or is your name Josef because you were always going to take up making? ...