05: Cory Heimann - On Becoming Proud to Be an Artist

Many of us creative artists grew up afraid of the "artist" label because of the stigma that it carried. We were often told that being an artist was a surest way to end up "flipping burgers," and many of us can recount times when people looked down at  artists as lazy or naive. In this podcast episode, Anthony D'Ambrosio interviews Cory Heimann, owner of Likeable Art, on how he shook off this stigma and became proud of his artistic vocation. We also speak about how his experiences of faith impacted value he has placed on art and beauty. Finally, they also talks about Cory's big and hopeful vision for the future. The conversation was wide ranging-- at moments deeply spiritual, and at others eminently practical. 

Cory is a prolific filmmaker that has been pushing the boundaries of excellence in Catholic media for a few years now.  Here is an example of his work: http://www.likableart.com/2016/01/15/stealingtime/

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