16. Brian Sullivan - UXing the Church


Anthony interviews Brian Sullivan, a renowned UX designer and expert on the creative process. He is invited to give presentations almost annually at South By South West, and is also the founder of the Big Design Conference- one of the largest UX conferences in the nation. Brian is a recent convert to Catholicism, and was instrumental in helping us found Catholic Creatives. Here we talk about how UX and creative brainstorming principles can be applied to help creatives be better thinkers, solve teamwork problems, and assist the church in evangelization.  

Edward DeBono - Lateral Thinking

Alex Osborne - Applied Imagination

Fisher's Net Announcement: Some members of the group (Brian Holdsworth, among others) put together the Fisher’s Net Awards, a design award for Catholic organizations with cutting edge design. So if you have worked on or come across a catholic organization with a baller website or well done logo, head over and make a nomination.