39. Learning like an Artist: Cory Heimann and Mark Guiney

Hello, creatives, and welcome back to the podcast! You all know Cory Heimann of Likeable Art, and today we’re discussing creative education with Cory and Likeable Art intern Mark Guiney, who just finished a three-year stint as a middle school teacher.

Cory and Mark recently led a Catholic Creative Meetup event to discuss creative education and how to raise up the next generation of makers to communicate the beauty of the Faith to the world. One of the main takeaways from the event was the need for new creators to get real-world experience in work as well as the inspiration to undertake a creative life.

Likeable Art has been embodying this belief with its intern program, which several Catholic Creatives have participated in. We wanted to find out from Mark what the program’s been like, what he’s been learning (and unlearning) about creative work, and about his first task at Likeable Art, which was the very serious job of renovating a dollhouse for a video shoot.

Let’s jump right in and hear how Mark got the internship.

Corey Heimann believes beauty will save the world.

Mark Guiney is committed to beauty as mission.