96. Make a Mess and Make Excuses: Jacob King, Megan Mastroianni, and Liz Reckart

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In this breakout session from CC Summit 2018, Jacob King, Megan Mastroianni, and Liz Reckart share how they disrupt the status quo and lead revolutions from within their dioceses.

Jacob, the Director of Anthem Philly, and Megan, the Associate Director, draw from their experiences transforming the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s youth and young adults ministry (formerly known as YYAM (like the root vegetable)) into an authentic, dynamic brand that won the Catholic Creatives project of the year award. They discuss the internal revolution that must happen before we set out to transform the world.

Liz Reckart brought her expertise in marketing management for entertainment, technology, and CPGs to the Communications Office at the Archdiocese of LA, where she is the Managing Director of their in-house creative agency. She shares a counterintuitive approach to changing the world by making excuses, an approach that turns competitiveness into compassion and judgment into understanding.

Together, these talks create a practical guide for revolutionary change.

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