Creation of the Week #14 Jonathan Liedl's "Bishops Election Year Message"

Congrats to Jonathan Liedl and the people over that at the Minnesota Catholic Conference for their Video for the Bishop’s election year statement. They turned what could have been an incredibly dry, dour statement into a message that was relevant, upbeat, and easily shareable.

Jonathan did a great job from concept to shooting to editing. Everything about this video is 100% professional. The music is refreshingly youthful, the cutting is smooth, and it feels like the kind of thing that any modern advocacy organization would produce. I’m proud of everyone involved in this effort for helping to set a new standard for diocesan use of media. The one thing I wish I could ask Jonathan is how he got all 7 bishops in the same place at the same time.

give a solid shout out to MCC as well. Not only did they invest well in the right talent with Jonathan on the video, but they also have a great social media presence and an acceptably designed website by which they can actually get real value out of the video’s reach, which is currently sitting at 54k views. Not bad, MCC, not bad at all.

A lot of organizations look at video as a quick flashy thing that’ll get them donations, attention, or awareness quickly.  I’ve had prospective clients approach me willing to drop 10-20k on a video, but be un-willing to spend anything to update their website and logo that were done in the 90’s.

Media is the same as anything else in life. There’s no quick fix.

You can only get as much milage out of a video as you have the infrastructure to support it, and Minnesota Catholic Conference clearly does. I’d love to see more Catholic organizations invest deep enough in their media that they can invest wide effectively as well.

Great work, Jonathan!