Creation of the Week #17 Capuchin Franciscans Reboot

This week we have the privilege of honoring the Capuchin Franciscans of Denver Co. For their fantastic full on media reboot.  It's always a pleasure to see a Catholic organization stop tinkering and just go for Gold instead of going home, as they say. (Yes. That was a joke).

They went from this incredibly masculine masterpiece:

To this inspired work of art:

Their media update kit, which you can download here, tells us that they contracted Spired Digital, an agency responsible for Denver International Airport's new site, which is no joke.  Not only would I love to hear from them how they raised the funds to hire Spired, but I would also love to hear what the decision making process was like. Maybe we'll get that story from them at some point. Until then, we must be content to enjoy the beautiful fruits of their labor. 

Not only did they get a whole new brand identity, but they also invested in a responsible website complete with beautiful photography, and media that's consistently being updated, and well placed calls to action.



If that wasn't enough, they also overhauled their social media presence and it looks like they are posting every couple days. 

I would love to see more religious orders invest in communications like this. They have so much less red tape to wade through than parishes and often times have a much more clearly articulated purpose, history, and charism. The building blocks for a great media presence are all there. It just begs the question, who's going to be the next order to take up the mantel of the new media evangelist? 

Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, It's time, guys, it's time.