Creation of the Week #16 The Mitchell's "Lumibox"

This week we get to highlight Edmund & Danielle Mitchel's LUMIBOX.  

I think sometimes as a group we can limit our concept of creativity to one of the media professions to which many of us  belong, to media, art, design, video, etc. Entreprenurship, my bro's and sisters, is the driving force behind all of these. Enterprising minds like Edmund & Danielle are willing to create something that didn't exist before. People like them are the reason we all have work. I want to give them props for stepping out on a limb and taking the risk to make something new, not so much because their design is beautiful, but because their idea is great.

So what is this new thing called the LUMIBOX and why is it awesome? 

LUMIBOX delivers a curated box of Catholic art, music, products, and daily devotionals every month right to your door. Highlighting the best in Catholic companies, artists, and makers.

As a business model, this type of regular ordered product is is tried and true if the demand is large enough and the price is right. It's not Uber. However, what is awesome about it is the emphasis it places on art. A lot of us in the group have tried to figure out how to solve the problem that new Catholic art faces, namely, that even incredible artists can't make money. There aren't distribution channels that connect consumers to quality work. LUMIBOX is poised to create one while (hopefully) setting The Mitchel's up a lifestyle business that can take the edge off of Edmund's ministry salary.  

Catfood is so freaking expensive, Amiright?

Catfood is so freaking expensive, Amiright?

Every month customers will receive "Daylights," their magazine, along with daily devotionals, highlights from the month's box, and updates on the ministries supported by LUMIBOX.  

Because, that's right, LUMIBOX is supporting a new ministry every month. This month, it's The Harmonium Project, a ministry out of Stuebenville that promotes music as the bridge the culture gap.
LUMIBOX is supporting Catholic art by producing a beautiful Catholic product, including products of other artists every month, and giving to other ministries that support the cause. I foresee many collaborations in the future between members of the group as the Mitchell's continue to build this fledgeling business. We wish you the best of luck you two!