Creation of the Week #18 - 4pm Media's "The Mass, An Introduction"

Slow motion hero shots of the Epiclesis, epic orchestral stringscapes, short memorable lines delivered by a direct descendant of the apostles... 4pm Media's "The Mass, An Introduction" has it all.

Jonathan and Daniel, the guys behind the 4pm magic are making important art with every new piece they release. They're the team behind the Wild Goose, the Vigil Project, and now The Mass, an Introduction. They nailed it on the head with this piece for three reasons.

 It's Visually Stunning,  it's Short, and it's Free

The shots are all beautifully lit, smooth, stable, and visually gripping, as always. I particularly liked the hero image of the priest consecrating the host. So epic. While there are other educational videos  that unpack the mass beautifully, there has not been something done that's beautiful, short, and free. Until now, there hasn't been an introductory and accessible video on the mass. Clocking in at 15 minutes a segment, The Mass, an Introduction is an awesome educational film that any ACTS group can use as a conversation starter or pass on to a friend or family member without demanding a ton of commitment. Not only is it low commitment to watch, but it's also low commitment to share. All four parts are available on 4pm's Vimeo for free. No one has to purchase this to see it or share it with friends. It's a great entry point.

Good work guys. Create on.