Creation of the Week #19 Blessed is She's Advent Journal

The women over at Blessed is She just consistently make the freaking coolest stuff. 
To Elizabeth Foss, Erica TigheJenna Guizar, and everyone else involved in making this advent journal.... I want one. 


Erica Tighe has outdone herself (which she seems to do pretty regularly) with this journal. It's beautifully designed with smart typography selections, flowing hand lettering, and illustration throughout. 

One of the things I love about Erica's philosophy is that beauty makes everything more profound, from prayer to planning your grocery shopping. Nothing has to be accepted as a mundane task which beauty need not grace. That philosophy is so much a part of everything she designs, but I think is especially visible in the journal's layout. From looking over it, it just makes you want to pray. That is what good Christian art can do, draw you into prayer without you even realizing it.

The layout facilitates this beckoning. It's journal has daily scripture, daily reflections, and daily calls-to-action, as well as journaling space to reflect on what you’ve read and prayed.


Great work, people! Keep making the world more beautiful!