Creation(s) of the Week #22 Everyone's A Winner

Last Week there was so much amazingness shared I had to at least give you a few highlights. 

1. One Solitary Life

Cory Heimann and the rest of the people at Likeable art produce amazing work with a consistency that is unrivaled. Every piece I see from them is so uniquely thought up and comes from such an individual origin that I haven't been able to identify a "Likeable Art style" other than the fact that I cry every time one of their videos draws me into it's world. That's why I'm so excited to hear from Cory at the Summit in March and learn some of the tools they use for creative brainstorming. 

2. Daniela Madriz' Logo Design Skillshare Class

If you have not already seen Daniela's work, she's amazing. I've had the privilege of working with her on multiple projects and she's always done an incredible job from communication to concepting to design. If you have ever had an interest in branding or logo design, take her class. It's one of the best on the topic on skillshare. It's very well done. The videos are high quality, she's a great teacher, and the content is awesome. Within two weeks, she has over 200 people enrolled and paying for her class. 

3. Jacob Machado's  "Questions with Martin."

This is such an incredibly unique take on the usual musty capital campaign video. This is a great example of how a production budget doesn't need to be insane to get a piece that will resonate. 

4. Alexander Johnnides's Crowning of the Bride

Alexander Johnnides won Rangefinder Magazine's photo of the day for this shot and it's not hard to see why. The drama expressed within it is nothing short of mesmerizing. It often occurs to me how difficult it is to capture emotion with photography. You have one image to tell a story. There's no background music, no narration, no context, and yet a good photographer can speak all that is necessary. Well told, Alex.

5. Dan Rogers: "Together, Let us Go Forth"

Everything about this production bleeds excellence. The visuals, the titles, the music, the script... each executed with the attention to detail, the careful mastery, the attention of a seasoned professional. 

6. David Calavitta's Fire Inside

Handlettering is a field that seems to be dominated by flowery script, which while beautiful, is not always what is needed. However, to be able to adopt many alphabets and types of letting is an incredibly difficult feat to accomplish. David is absolutely flexible, always choosing the right letter forms for the setting. Here, for a men's book, blackletter was the right choice. Rough, textured, the letters almost look chard. He integrates his type into his designs with an adeptness that defies description.

4pm Media's St. Michael Catholic

I love how fast the pace is of this video. It get's a LOT done in 60 seconds. According to Jonathon, they only took one day to shoot and one day to edit. It is sometimes a huge pain to force yourself into time constraints, but that's often where the magic happens. Great work, 4pm.