How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

Written By: Jesse Weiler

Are you running a Facebook page that has plateaued a little in the likes-per-day category? Here is an easy way to get more likes!  

This works for organic posts, boosted posts and targeted ads. I prefer the results that I get through targeted ads, but I'll explain why later. 

STEP 1: Find a post of yours that has generated a lot of reactions e.g. likes and loves

STEP 2: Click the number that tells you how many likes your post has acquired and a pop-up will appear with all of their names and information as to weather or not they've liked your page. 

STEP 3: Invite that list to like your page. In this case I can invite Krissy, Kathie, and Kris. 

That's it! That's all you need to do.

Notice that some are greyed out with text that either says "Liked" or "Invited". This just lets me know if they already like my page or if I've already invited them to like my page. Facebook does limit the amount of invites you can make per day. I maxed out at about 900 invites on my first day trying this. I was allowed to do a few more the next day. You'll have to keep testing it.  

There is a type of Facebook ad that lets you pay to get likes, but my option is free and just as effective. It has dramatically increased the number of people who follow our page. We saw a 20% increase in followers over the course of one month from 5,000 to 6,000. It was all thanks to this strategy.

I mentioned earlier that I like to use this specifically for ads and here's where it gets good. Whenever I boost a post and use broad audience descriptors, I do get more likes but, they aren't likes that will likely convert. They are people in the Philippines or India that like almost every post/page they see. Those people are not going to come to The Liturgical Institute for a graduate degree. However, if I target an ad to young adult Catholics in America who are interested in graduate school, I will get a higher conversion rate on those acquired likes.

If you use this strategy correctly, you can gain followers that fit your desired demographic without having to break the bank.



Jesse Weiler is the Assistant Director of Media and Communications at The Liturgical Institute.