Creation of the Week 63 - Joseph Barringhaus: Photography

In a world where almost everyone has a phone, and almost every phone has a camera, we’re constantly surrounded by photography. Technology has gotten so good, that to some it may be hard to understand the skill that is required to capture something extraordinary. The knowledge and techniques that a photographer must employ, working with varying light and almost constant motion, swapping lenses, adjusting settings, all the while watching the framing of the shot and the positioning and focus of their subject, often with only one chance to capture key moments, make it an art form that is very difficult to master.

This week we’re highlighting Joseph Barringhaus, who among his other endeavors is an accomplished photographer. Joseph’s broad work experience includes portrait work, sporting event coverage, other event work, and videography. A few weeks ago he photographed the Archdiocesan Youth Conference for Galveston-Houston, and captured some truly gorgeous shots of Benediction:

My name is Joseph Barringhaus. I’ve recently accepted a job as the Director of Marketing and Events for a Catholic Church in Grapevine, TX. Between working full time and planning a wedding with my future bride, I work as a freelance photographer and marketer in the DFW area as well as doing photography with a local studio. My goal has never been to be a Catholic creative only. Don’t get me wrong, I love being Catholic, I love the Catholic Creative community, and I really enjoy Catholic photography/events, hence why I’m a freelance photographer for Catholic events, but my goal is really to be a great photographer and marketer, a great creative, in all aspects of my craft and also be Catholic. That’s what drives me to get better as a photographer and marketer, as a creative, and to try new things. Knowing that I can be authentically Catholic in every aspect of my work and that that identity shows throughout every aspect of my work. That’s why I’m a Catholic Creative.
— Joseph Barringhaus

I love what Joseph says about identity, that being authentically Catholic must shine through every aspect of our work. I think he has grasped the core of what being a Catholic Creative is all about. Whatever our art form might be, wherever we have been placed to create, and however we make that happen, all of these are bound together and lifted high with the strength of our faith, uniting us and our work with God the uncreated Creator, in whose sacred Act of Creation we have somehow been privileged enough to participate.

We wish Joseph the best in his future endeavors; feel free to contact him or hire him for your photography needs!

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by Nik Sternhagen

Marketing Specialist at Catholic Support Services