Hand Lettering, Alcohol, & Love: Erica Tighe

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This conversation super awesome with the talented Erica Tighe. A lot of the people in the group are well known for their art in Catholic circles, but Erica really embodies that spirit of CC that seeks to be excellent in the secular world as well and operate in both spheres. 

She’s been featured in Goop, the Los Angeles party planning guide, the Fashion Magazine Elle, and Verily, the Christian women’s magazine. Erica is an awesome woman that you guys should all get to know because she’s also demonstrated how to make money doing what she loves. So this conversation we get into Erica’s story. How she went from being a missionary in Brazil to making a career in hand lettering, her recovery from alcoholism, how her time with Debtors Anonymous changed the way she dealt with money, and advice to other creators on pursing their craft in faith. This is one of those podcasts that’ll get you in the feels, so I hope you’re as moved and excited by this one as I’ve been.


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