20. Michael "Gomer:" From Apologetics to Brokenness & Better Communication

In this show Anthony interviews a New Evangelization Expert.

His name is…

Michael Gormley, AKA Gomer, is one of the founders of the Catching Foxes podcast, and is all about human connection in ministry. His theology and approach to communicating about the gospel is touching, vulnerable, and convicting. 
The first sentence of his bio on his website reads: “Everyone is talking about the New Evangelization, but talk is not enough.”

In this podcast we talk about his transition from Apologetics to this new and compelling approach to evangelization, and we talk about how we as members of the church can improve in our ability to communicate about the gospel. 

Before listening to the podcast though (or perhaps while you are doing so) you can actually help the new evangelization along by voting at the Fishers Net Awards. If you don’t know what that is- it is an effort lead by Brian Holdsworth (Catholic Creative member) who put together an online awards competition and ceremony for good catholic media. The best media in the Catholic community has been nominated, and right now the polls are open for voting. You can vote for best Catholic websites, branding, use of social media, whatever. Go and send some cudos to the people who are doing this good work, and in doing so help to bring credence to their efforts to make the church more beautiful. www.bestcatholicwebsites.com




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