Empathy & Defining Your Audience: Elise Crawford

Today we are taking a break from the break from the podcast hiatus to bring you an interview with Elise Crawford. As we announced in the group, we've been taking a break from our podcasts in order to plan for the Catholic Creatives Summit in March. But since Elise is going to be speaking at the Summit, we thought it might be a good way for those of you who are coming to get to know her before you see her there. 

So Elise is awesome. She started Ringlet Studio, a creative agency that specifically focuses on working with female entrepreneurs. Why is that cool? Because it's super niche. She picked a very defined audience. Which is painful because it is exclusive; and I don't care who you are, a business owner or some one who works in ministry — we all struggle so so hard with picking a niche and sticking to it. 

It is so easy to fall prey to generalism and over inclusivity, and these issues are rampant in our ministries and businesses. So in this podcast Marcellino asks Elise a lot about how to be more targeted and clear with our audiences. They also talk about her acting role playing Helen Keller, and how it taught her empathy. This empathy has characterized her life and ministry since.