25. Julio Quintana - The Vessel, Terrence Malick, and Raising a Million Dollars

This podcast features an interview with Director Julio Quintana. Julio just released his first feature film- which is always a big deal. But he also raised 1 million to do it, got Martin Sheen to act and had the master Terrence Malick as executive producer. Their influence in the film is visible, giving it a spiritual, cinematic gravitas that is really undeniable.

(Here is the trailer)

So in this not only do we we talk about the film, we get into all sorts of other good stuff like beauty and perseverance and the hard work of making it as an artist.
The struggle with making money making good art.

Btw, the the vessel came out in digital release yesterday, so if you haven't got a chance to watch it yet highly recommend doing so. the links are in the show notes.

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A quick announcement before we get into that, as many of you know the Catholic Creatives Summit is developing and moving very quickly in terms of being materialized and we're excited to announce a new sponsor that just jumped on board. Word on Fire just decided to become a sponsor. We are so grateful to them for their support for good media in art they've always been a leader in that in the church so I'm we're just excited to have them as a partner.