26. Patrick Langrell: Why Digital Marketing For Ministry?

(And why we should all get off of our phones)

In this interview, Marcellino talks to Patrick Langrell (Adjunct lecturer in Philosophy & Senior Digital Media Analyst for the Arch Diocese of LA). They talk about the importance of Analytic thinking and of digital marketing for reaching more people with better messages.

They get into the ways that Patrick has used this to grow a pro life clinic and target abortion minded women. They also talk about their personal difficulties with technology and their desire to bypass it in search of authentic personal communication.

Patrick is a Renaissance man with an international reputation for successful engagement in communications, events, and digital & social media. He also is a sought after public speaker, a researcher and consultant in policy and ethics. He contributes to high-level diocesan and public policy…. and to the development of the Catholic intellectual tradition and evangelisation initiatives. His work with Matt Meeks and the others from the Archdiocese of LA is really exciting, and we are looking forward to hearing about that at the Summit, where he will be giving a workshop specifically about the unique circumstances in which Catholic Creatives find themselves at this particular moment in the church.  

But he is not the only one who we will be present from the Archdiocese of LA. The Diocese of LA has become one of our major sponsors- coming on as a Patron of the Arts. They will be sponsoring the first session of the summit, "The New Renaissance." 
As you probably already know, LA has a reputation for being one of the epicenters of innovation for communications in the church. They have (by normal diocesan standards) a huge team with what I believe is around over 15 employees totally dedicated to helping churches and Diocesan branches market themselves better. We are excited to partner with them to make the new Renaissance happen.

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