29. Steve Lawson: How Healthy Conflict Creates Healthy Organizations


Marcellino interviews Steven Lawson, the Director of Communications for Dynamic Catholic, a fast growing nonprofit that develops innovative learning-systems to inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism. While working towards his childhood dream to become an animation director in New York City, Steve had a profound conversion experience that lead him into his current work.

This conversation is at once startlingly frank and incredibly hope filled, as they speak about creating a better wold, about management, and about how healthy conflict creates healthy culture in organizations.  What would happen if the Church was hopeful and creative and inspired?

Steve's advice:

  • Awareness of self will make you a more effective leader and manager.

  • Take ownership over your problems. It is very freeing to achieve self-mastery over one's subconscious reactions and communication.

  • Everything we do has to align with hope.

  • Creativity is a hopeful experience.

  • "Catholicism is inherently creative and life-giving"