From Selling Donuts to Making Movies: Jack and Jamie McAleer

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One of our guests may be familiar to you — Dan Johnson from 4pm Media, winner of the Collaboration of the Year Award 2017.  But the other two interviewees are perhaps less known in this group- yet they have had a powerful influence in the Catholic world, albeit from behind the scenes. Jack and Jamie McAleer, major players in the growth of the Krispy Kreme dynasty, are the Financeers behind 4pm media.  They are board members of Legatus and Franciscan, and they started 4pm Media with their son in law in order to set a new standard for art and media in the church.  

After working as a store and dough factory manager, the younger Mr. McAleer, now 40, moved into marketing.

Rising to exec VP-brand development, he worked to restore Krispy Kreme’s original logo and ‘50s-style store design, deployed miniaturized equipment that lets patrons see doughnuts made, and added neon “hot” lights to tell passersby when fresh doughnuts were cooking.

The McAleers are modern models of the Medicis: the family that sponsored much of the art of the Medieval Renaissance.  We talk in this podcast about how they had their spiritual awakening in faith, how they left Krispy Kreme, and helped to found a Catholic production company with their son in Law.

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