56. Creating with Empathy: Pierre de Fleuriot

This week, we speak with Pierre de Fleuriot, founding partner and Creative Director at Glass Canvas.  In this podcast, Pierre and Anthony have a conversation about empathic design and designing out of one’s identity in the Father.  Pierre explains that because Glass Canvas’s culture and strategy and design processes are deeply rooted in each person’s identity in the Father, they are able to do great work, speak the unspoken, and have real and honest relationships within their team. Pierre also talks about how designing and creating is really about loving people. He discusses the importance of understanding who you’re designing for, and then explains how to  turn that empathetic map into design.

If you’d like to hear more about creating in one’s identity as a son or daughter, check out this conversation we had with Pierre’s long-time friend and partner at Glass Canvas, Jason Jensen.

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