Reawakening the Desire to Dance: Christopher West

This week, we speak with Christopher West, husband, father of five, author, speaker, and the world’s leading teacher on Saint Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body.” In this podcast, Anthony and Christopher discuss how beauty cracks opens our hearts and there places a longing for the infinite. They speak about eros, Logos, and rock ‘n roll. Christopher talks about the authenticity and innocence of childlike wonder and the suffering of those with a creative or artistic sensibility. He explains that everything we’re attracted to we’re attracted to because at the root of it is Jesus and that everything that has been twisted by sin can be untwisted and redeemed to reveal God’s glory.  He also shares many vulnerable moments and experiences from his own life to show us that God knows how to speak to each one of us with the language of our hearts.

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