65. Conviction, Identity, and Belonging: Kate Bryan

This week, we speak with Kate Bryan, pro-life feminist, communications strategist, speaker, and writer. In this podcast, Marcellino and Kate talk about the call we have as creatives to challenge the culture and stand up for our core values and beliefs. They discuss the importance of being firm in one’s identity so as not to react to controversy out of wounds or fear, but to respond with love. Both Marcellino and Kate share stories of times they’ve had to stand up against the tide for their own beliefs - including the time Marcellino wrote a controversial blog post while in college and the time Kate called out the leadership of the Women’s March for not letting pro-life women participate. They also discuss the importance of community and solidarity in standing for your convictions, as well as the very real fear we all have of not belonging when we are called to stand up against what may be popular.

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