Protecting the Freedom of Creativity: Kate Anderson

This week we share our conversation with Kate Anderson, attorney and legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. Kate’s job is one that many might not think of when considering creative fields, but in the current political and social climate the work she does is vital in order for creatives to have total freedom of expression.

Marcellino and Kate talk about how important those first freedoms are to creatives in particular. They discuss how the culture is forgetting their importance and allowing them to be taken from us, just to be replaced with being told how to think. They discuss how throughout history, fear and polarization has pushed society to want to force everyone to think and act a certain way, denying the freedom of the will.

Kate also speaks about how her team helps artists and business owners who are filing pre-enforcement lawsuits in order to protect themselves and challenge certain laws that could ultimately be used against them.

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