The New Renaissance: Matt Meeks

This week we’re doing something a little different. With the 2018 Catholic Creatives Summit only one month away, we decided to bring back the keynote talk from last year’s summit. We really want everyone to hear this talk because the New Renaissance is what we’re about.

The Catholic Creatives’ Why is:

"Setting creatives free so that they can unleash a new renaissance."

This is why Catholic Creatives exists. And this is why this talk is so important for everyone to listen to. What is a renaissance? What are examples of past renaissances? What does a new renaissance look like? What is it going to take for that to happen? Matt Meek’s talk at the summit last year was a prophetic answer to these questions.

Also, feel free to check out Courtney Kiolbassa's blog post where she shares her thoughts from meditating on what the New Renaissance really means.

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