Don’t Change Culture, Change Yourself: TJ Berden

This week we speak with TJ Berden, filmmaker and producer of Paul, Apostle of Christ and Full of Grace. In this podcast, Anthony and TJ talk about TJ’s journey living in LA and working on bigger budget productions. TJ talks about how he moved to LA brandishing the Catholic sword with a desire to change culture, but learned upon arriving that change first needed to come from within. He shares about the impact Tree of Life had on him as an artist and speaks about how relationships with certain groups of people sparked within him a passion for life and a love of beauty. TJ speaks about his time working on Paul, Apostle of Christ and how diving into the humanity and emotional drama of Paul’s life were some of the most self transformative parts of the movie-making process for him. Anthony and TJ also talk about the importance of community as creatives, and how great work and great beauty can come from intimate and personal friendships.

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