Ridding the World of Button Pushers: Cory Heimann

As the 2018 Summit gets even closer, we wanted to share with you another talk from last year’s summit. This breakout session was given by Cory Heimann, founder and Creative Director of Likable Art, father of 3, and all around awesome creative. In this talk, Cory discusses how we as Catholic creatives are set apart and are called to present Christ as irresistible to the world. He talks about the responsibility we have as the artists through whom many major projects the Church is working on are funneled through.  He explains how we as Catholics are set apart from other creatives, and describes what unique opportunities our Catholic heritage presents to us as storytellers and artists. Cory also challenges us to think about how we live out our personal values in our work and how we encourage those we work for to move their own missions forward as well.

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